Chris Styles

chrisaboutAfter serving active duty in the US ARMY, Chris Styles went to Phoenix College and studied Music Business for two years under Dr. Verunda. He also attended Arizona State University and graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.  It was during this time that Chris Styles met 3rd Eye Studios owner Melvin Johnson and Kelly Bennett, based out of Glendale, AZ.  In addition to engineering and producing, Chris Styles and his childhood friend, Fantasy, formed a rap group called, "2 Hard 2 Lift," which signed with Melvin Johnson's indie label called, "Transcend Records." One year later "2 Hard 2 Lift" released it's first CD called, "Radioactive." 

Then, in 1999 Chris Styles and Fantasy started their own indie label called, "Frontline Entertainment" which released two more CD's and five compilation CD's for people like Tito Puente Jr., Carlos Santana (Let's Shake - submission did not make the final cut), and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. 

However, after 9/11 Chris Styles was once again called to the front lines of Afghanistan to fight the war on terror.  After being deployed for 2 years Chris Style returned home to fine tune his producing and engineering skills and moved from the mix board to pro-tools and software based producing technology and in 2005 he released his first solo CD called, "No One Can, Like This Mexican."

Then, in 2007, the US AIR FORCE National Guard sent Chris Styles to DINFOS (Defense Information School) to learn how to shoot and edit videos in Fort Mead, MD.  Chris Styles returned home in the summer of 2008 and did videos projects for the US Military, the Phoenix Suns, NASCAR, training, promotion, retirement, weddings, commericals and music video's etc. etc.  In 2008 Chris Styles got introduced to Bryan Matuskey who eventually formed (

Finally, in 2012 Chris Style got a call from a long lost friend Kelly Bennett to inquire about any music he would like to submit for a project she was working on with Margaret G. Rogers of Coda Music.  He gladly submitted music and formed a business relationship with Coda Music and formed a new indie label, Frontline Music Militia. This year FMM plans to release 5 new CD's, clothes line and will continue to on it's endevour with Coda Music.



Fantasy solo shot1Rick Master aka Fantasy

Fantasy started rapping in high school and was inspired by rappers like LL COOL J and RUN DMC. He is also part of a crew he started called, C.I.A. (Cuzzins In Action) and is also one of the founders of the group “2 Hard 2 Lift.” His deadly lyrics and potent delivery style are second to none. After a car show at the local swap meet in 1996 in front of 3000 people, he was pursued by Big Syke from the Outlaws. At that moment Arizona witnessed the arrival of a lyrical genius and rap assassin. Fantasy went on to record two CD’s with “2 Hard 2 Lift” and was showcased on Chris Styles CD “No One Can, Like This Mexican” as a premiere artist. Besides being an artist for Frontline, Fantasy is also the Five-Star General and Executive Director of Operations.

Krazy Kane

Krazy Kane-aKrazy Kane was born in 1984 in Texas where he spent alot of his childhood until moving around all over the South east including states such as Alabama, Georgia, before, finally, ending up in Tennessee. Kane developed a love for hip hop at an early age and aspired to be a rapper at the age of 10. At 14, he felt rapping had become too easy and decided to pursue beat production.

Then, at 19 he needed a new challenge. He enrolled at the School of Audio Engineering, where although he was a top scorer in his class, he dropped out due to personal and financial struggles. Like a lot of kids from a poor and broken home, Kane felt he had to take the pursuit of his ambitions into his own hands. It wasn't until his daughter was born in 2008, and becoming emancipated from incarseration due to felonious drug sale charges, that he realized his actions to achieve his dreams were actually detrimental to that goal of stardom he had placed for himself. He spent his probation sentence struggling to find employment as an unexperienced felon in an economic crisis. At times he was forced to take part in actions that had placed him in jail in the first place just to provide for his child or, ironicly pay his probation officer.

He now resides in South Phoenix, where he is emerging back into the music scene in full effect and better than ever. With witty punchlines, catchy beats, and professional quality from the comfort of a home studio, Krazy Kane has the competition wondering... "What are we going to do now??"